Stopover at Doha airport- probably not the greatest place to spend 7 
hours! Reasons?
Number 1- There is no alcohol. Yes, that's right, NO alcohol. Oh but 
you can buy non‐alcoholic beer at the food court. No thanks.
Number 2- Arabic men are not used to and are also not happy with women that have excessive tattoos.
Number 3- I paid $8 for a cup of coffee. Just an ordinary cup of 
coffee. Rape!

So since I last wrote I had another really nice, but cold day in 
Helsinki, wandering the city before I had my flight. Helsinki has a 
really cool vibe about it, everybody is so friendly and laid‐back and 
pretty much everybody speaks English. It's not a huge city, which is good for me and if it wasn't so cold I think it would be so nice just 
to sit around and enjoy the atmosphere. I wish I had have been more prepared with winter clothes and perhaps knew some cool people to go out with. But either way, it was really nice!